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Contest exstension [Apr. 24th, 2005|11:39 am]
The Whazzajiggy Icon


Since only two people have entered the contest I am exstending it in hopes to get some more submitions. The old rules still stand, it is going to be a TV themed Whazzajiggy icon. For those of you who have submitted your entries you can edit and resubmit if you so desire. The new date for the contest is going to be 2 weeks from this post. That will be May 8th.

Please encourage other members to participate

Here is a rule recap
1. Each person can submit 3 entries.
2. It must be TV fandom based (yes Anime series count as long as they have been aired on japan or american TV.)
3. You have two weeks from this post to turn in your fandom icons. (May 8th)
4. It must have the word ‘whazzajiggy’ in the quote.

Please post your icons in a seperate post and lable them as Contest entires.
Good luck to everyone ^_^